Where is Jacques?

At the end of 2018, Jacques Bossuyt became director in the LFP 1 structure. There we joined the crime partners David Mapley and Tudor Fedeles. However ‘joined’ is maybe overstated as he seems to have gone missing ever since.

It appears that Jacques Bossuyt is only interested in his salary, and he doesn’t care about the investors…

LFP 1 investor

Jacques Bossuyt is for hire as a director in your company. Apparently he is very loyal and trustworthy towards his commissioners. When David Mapley and Tudor Fedeles took over the LFP 1 structure they needed a third director to make up the numbers, one they could trust not to get in the way of their grand plan to hijack the assets of the fund. Enter Jacques Bossuyt!

Ever since Jacques Bossuyt became director of LFP 1 he did absolutely nothing for the fund other than making up the numbers. When informed about the misconduct by his fellow directors, he failed to take action. Whereas a normal person would have, at least resigned or more logical acted in the interest of the investors, he did absolutely nothing. Well, he did something, every month he sends an invoice for his “services”.

Where did this lead to? Well at the moment the investors are pressing legal claims at Jacques Bossuyt for more than 41 million euros in damage compensation. Furthermore today we learned that a criminal complaint has been filed against Jaques Bossuyt and his accomplices David Mapley and Tudor Fedeles.

Sure this will be continued, we keep you posted…